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From Stephen Quinney <>
Subject Apache2::Cookie confusing path and domain
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 17:56:24 GMT
I'm having a problem with Apache2::Cookie (2.05-dev) and mod_perl2
(1.999.23). No matter what order I specify the parameters in for a new
cookie the path always gets set to the value for the domain. Some
sample code:

 my $cookie = Apache2::Cookie->new($r,
                                    -name   => $username,
                                    -value  => $session,
                                    -secure => 1,
                                    -domain => '',
                                    -path   => '/foo/');


The cookie set is: 

username=lGb0fQSynbzgAwIh85pNgInP;;; secure, 

sometimes instead of this I get:

username=HpoX0huDHnTM8JaEsmZNGIJS; path=domain;; secure,

Which is even weirder.

Any help as to what I'm doing wrong or workarounds if this is a bug
would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Stephen Quinney

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