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From Thomas Hilbig <>
Subject Re: Help (Desperate) - Install Bundle::Apache2 catastrophic
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 17:26:06 GMT
--- Michael Peters <> wrote:
> This error comes from the fact that
> register_cleanup() is now
> cleanup_register() and is in the APR::Pool package,
> so you need to
>   use APR::Pool ();
> But, since is throwing these errors, I'd say
> it's because you
> haven't upgraded it. What version of are you
> running? It needs to
> be at version 3.10 for complete compatibility with
> mod_perl2.
> is 3.10.  CGI is also part of the
Bundle::Apache2, so it may have been updated as part
of the bundle.

All of my CGI scripts are unaltered CGI (no ModPerl
API calls at all).  I don't call any Apache/MP2
libraries directly.

I am seeing errors referencing my scripts on the line
containing the use CGI; that says ...
 Can't locate in @INC 

More suggestions?? (Help!)

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