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From Jeff Ambrosino <>
Subject Re: advice needed: mod_perl reverse proxy
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 20:12:29 GMT
I've had some similar issues, but gotten around them by using
erro_headers_out.  This worked for me, so you might give it a try:

        $f->r->err_headers_out->set('Content-Length' => length($NewBody));

Obviously "$NewBody" is whatever you're using to buffer the content. 
FYI this is used with an HTTP output filter on mp2 (RC4) within a
reverse mod_proxy.


On 5/3/05, allan juul <> wrote:
> but about collecting data in a buffer variable. it seems i can actually
> $f->print that buffer, but not actually calculate the length of it. or
> rather: i can calculate the length but when i set any header the value
> is 0 (whether i set it before the $f->print statement or after).
> it seems i must admit that i don't quite get what is going on and when.
> can anyone supply a simple example i then can check on our reverse proxy ?

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