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From David Nicol <>
Subject Re: Debugging memory allocation
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 20:59:08 GMT
On 5/10/05, Igor Chudov <> wrote:
> LogHandler seems
> like such a place.

Undoubtably.  But how do you get the memory usage? read /proc/$$/mem or
something? there is not, AFAICTFRAQG (as far as I can tell from recollection
and quick googling) a line noise variable for current memory usage, and cpan
only has a procfs module defined for Solaris.  So the question remains, after
choosing loghandler as the way to write to the log, how to get the memory
usage information?  Is there a better way than ps in backticks?
might be the thing -- it appears to reimplement ps with the output as
a perl data
structure rather than linefeed-separated records.  There is also Unix::Process,
but that is merely a wrapper  for ps in backticks.

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