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From Grant <>
Subject Re: mod_perl causing seg faults in apache2?
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 22:47:42 GMT
> May be you aren't loading it, while you think that you do. Please observe:
> % perl -le 'use warnings; use strict; use Apache2::Const; \
> sub foo {return Apache2::Const::OK }'
> % perl -le 'use warnings; use strict; \
> sub foo {return Apache2::Const::OK }'
> Bareword "Apache2::Const::OK" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at -e
> line 1.
> Execution of -e aborted due to compilation errors.

I see what you mean but I've got 'use Apache2::Const;' in
Interchange/ so I have no idea what's going on.

> Try:
> warn $INC{'Apache2/'}
> somewhere in your code. It should show you the file that was loaded.
> If everything else fails, if you can use the problem reporting skeleton
> [1] and reproduce the problem with it (adjusting it by adding some minimal
> code). Please send it here and we will look at it).
> [1] linked from:

I really appreciate your help.  Something tells me further debugging
will be just as fruitless.  I'll just have to wait until a newer
mod_perl shows up in portage.  Hopefully my vistors aren't using IE. 

- Grant

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