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From Grant <>
Subject Re: mod_perl causing seg faults in apache2?
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 06:08:07 GMT
> Grant, have you read:
> (all the way to the end)?
> When you run t/REPORT it will tell you (and us) almost everything we need
> to know.
> Then you configure your system to dump core files, you get the core
> backtrace and you send it to us.
> If you aren't sure if you had mod_perl messed up, wipe it all and
> reinstall from scratch.
> Feel free to ask more questions if something is not clear, but please read
> the quoted above document first.
> Thank you.

Fair enough.  I don't have t/report or t/REPORT anywhere on my system
though.  Could it be named something else or is there another utility?

When I said I wasn't sure about my mod_perl installation, it's because
the file seemed to be installed to the wrong directory.  I
posted a bug about it here:

I did copy it to the correct directory, but I should make sure I'm
running 1.99.17 (Gentoo's latest) instead of my previous 1.99.11.

- Grant

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