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From Flavio Curti <>
Subject Re: [mp2] segfaulting apache in ap_pcw_walk_files_config
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 13:23:30 GMT
Hi Philippe

On 5/25/05, Philippe M. Chiasson <> wrote:
> Hrm, so far, I've looked at the configuration files you've sent me and they
> look kosher. I was thinking something bogus inherited from your debian's
> configuration...Guess not.
> One more gdb peek for me please to try and pin this problem down some more.
> (gdb) print *s
> (gdb) print *pconf

(gdb) print *s
$1 = {process = 0x80c0120, next = 0x934b6b8, defn_name = 0x0, 
  defn_line_number = 0, server_admin = 0x81f1238 "", 
  server_hostname = 0x81f1120 "localhost", port = 8529, 
  error_fname = 0x81f11c8 "/usr/local/src/modperl-2.0/t/logs/error_log", 
  error_log = 0x80f8208, loglevel = 7, is_virtual = 0, 
  module_config = 0x80fc240, lookup_defaults = 0x80fd590, addrs = 0x80fc1d8, 
  timeout = 300000000, keep_alive_timeout = 15000000, keep_alive_max = 100, 
  keep_alive = 1, path = 0x0, pathlen = 0, names = 0x0, wild_names = 0x0, 
  limit_req_line = 8190, limit_req_fieldsize = 8190, limit_req_fields = 100}
(gdb) print *pconf
$2 = <incomplete type>

> the server_rec should at least show which vhost in your config creates this
> bogus state...

This looks like the main server (localhost:8529). I also tried it with
my default httpd.conf with all vhosts removed and it segfaults too,
and the gdb output looks the same...

> So, how can sec_file ever be NULL ? From looking at this dconf dump, it's clear

I don't know. One thing I remember now seeing during one of the first
mod_perl build was a warning that apxs -q PREFIX doesn't return a
valid value. I fixed it then by setting it to / in the apxs script.
Maybe I managed to screw up apaches build, setting prefix to NULL?

And indeed I found that the custom layout for apache has prefix set to
NULL there. So I have rebuilded everything (apache, mod_perl) with
prefix set to / in the layout and the warnings are gone now.
Unfortunately this didn't help at all for the segfaulting :(

> that this core_dir_config is at least partially initialized,
> add_default_charset_name being set to the right thing for instance.

Hope that helps and kind regards

Flavio Curti


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