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From Frank Maas <>
Subject [OT] Re: a mystery.. need help
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 10:37:11 GMT

(a) this is a modperl list. your question seems a general perl issue,
please use the appropriate channels for this - not this list.

(b) whatever channel you choose for your question, be sure to give 
information about what you are trying to achieve, what goes wrong, what 
you tried to solve the problem, etc.

(c) just for this once:
>             $Data[$v0] = $form{Data($v0)}; <<<<<<<< this line
is bad! ! ! !
              ^^^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^^^
this is the $v0'th                 here you call sub/function &Data
element of @Data                   with parameter $v0

since you test if $Data[$v0] not equals "" it seems you are doing 
something you don't want to do.

I hope (c) helps you in the right direction, if not adhere to (a) and (b) 
and please do not follow-up to the list.



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