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Subject Re: advice needed: mod_perl reverse proxy
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 12:26:44 GMT
Quoting Stas Bekman <>:

> allan juul wrote:
> [...]
>>> Use must use $r->set_content_length(). See the mp2 test suite for examples.
>> (i don't have that method available in my mod_perl2)
> You sure do :)
> % lookup set_content_length
> To use method 'set_content_length' add:
>         use Apache2::Response ();

ok maybe i have a screwed installiation or a missing use/namespace . 
"method not found" message in my error.log.

>> but about collecting data in a buffer variable. it seems i can 
>> actually $f->print that buffer, but not actually calculate the 
>> length of it. or rather: i can calculate the length but when i set 
>> any header the value is 0 (whether i set it before the $f->print 
>> statement or after).
>> it seems i must admit that i don't quite get what is going on and when.
>> can anyone supply a simple example i then can check on our reverse proxy ?
> Try: t/response/TestApache/
> Though I haven't tried to call it from the filter, so may be Jeff's 
> suggestion will work.

Jeff's suggestion does indeed work. oddly enough ;


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