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Subject caching problem?
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:40:58 GMT
In trying to develop a simple perl script, I have run into some kind of 
caching problem which is making development an absolute nightmare.

The problem arises when I am using a subroutine. Whilst developing the 
subroutine, I (obviously) make errors in the code! I try the script out in 
the browser and get an error message, as you would expect. So then I 
revert the code back to what it was when it was working... try it in the 
browser again just to check, and I get an error message once again... 
strange, I just reverted the code back to what it was when I knew it was 

Sometimes, if I click refresh several times, it may suddenly decide to 
start working again. I can force it to work properly again by renaming the 
subroutine! Another way I can force it to start working again is to 
restart apache!

When the code is in such a state that I know for a fact it should be 
working, and the browser gives me an error... I can run the script 
successfully from the command line!!!

anyone ever had this (or a similar) problem????!!

Tom David Kirkpatrick
Virus Bulletin Web Developer, Virus Bulletin

Tel: +44 1235 555139

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