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From Jason Dixon <>
Subject Re: libapreq install fails for non-root Apache/mod_perl
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 18:50:24 GMT
On Apr 22, 2005, at 2:46 PM, Philip M. Gollucci wrote:

> Jason Dixon wrote:
>> I'm trying to install a non-root statically compiled Apache/mod_perl 
>> (1.x) on a test server.  I've installed everything in my home 
>> directory, including Apache::Session, but libapreq is failing to 
>> recognize the mod_perl installation.  Can someone tell me how to get 
>> libapreq installed for this scenario?  Here's the failed attempt:
>> [jason@polaris libapreq-1.33]$ perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=~/perl
>> mod_perl 1.x ( < 1.99) is required at Makefile.PL line 34.
>> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Makefile.PL line 36.
> Apparently you installled some version of mp2 before mp2 RC5.0
> Its failing up front to save you sanity later.  If you're not using 
> the mp2 installation, I would suggest you nuke the related files.

I installed mod_perl 1.29 with Apache 1.3.33.  I'm trying to install 
Bricolage non-root, and Apache/mod_perl 1.x is a requirement.


Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting

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