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From Bennett Haselton <>
Subject Re: installing with OpenSA webserver
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 07:43:23 GMT
At 08:48 PM 3/29/2005 -0600, Randy Kobes wrote:
> > I've been maintaining a set of instructions for people to
> > download and install some components to quickly set up an
> > SSL-enabled Web server:
> > 
> > Unfortunately OpenSA is the only free Web server I know of
> > that supports SSL right out of the box.  (Apache requires
> > you to download and install separate modules, but the
> > instructions I'm writing are aimed at novice users and
> > it's not realistic to expect most of them to download an
> > Apache module and install it themselves.)
>There are some Win32 all-in-one binary packages, accessible
>that contain Perl/Apache/mod_perl/mod_ssl.

Ron Savage pointed out these instructions for installing Perl and Apache 
from those packages:

Unfortunately I think the long list of steps is still too intimidating for 
most of the intermediate users that our instructions are targeted at.  Most 
of them probably wouldn't know how to set environment variables, for 
example.  OpenSA and ActivePerl, which we've been using, install with just 
a few clicks.  I'll be looking for a Perl/Apache combination that is 
super-easy to install and can be used with mod_perl; if anyone knows of 
one, please let me know... Thanks!


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