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From Foo Ji-Haw <>
Subject Re: RC5 really broke some stuff
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 06:17:28 GMT
Thanks Perrin,

I will just like to say that this is a point in time when modperl 2 
developers are feeling pain right now. Documentation is good, and 
response on the mailing list is good. Things can always be better of course.

People like Jonathan and myself just have to double up (or triple-up!) 
because of the change. Try telling that to your bosses that the latest 
version of modperl is holding things back ('told you we should've used 

Please bear with us, and do give us help for seemingly stupid questions 
when they come. I guess when people are overworked and frustrated, the 
simplest things do get overlooked.

Perrin Harkins wrote:

> jonathan vanasco wrote:
>> it sucks, completely.   i can't get my stuff to work under rc5 , and 
>> I'm way behind schedule on my work, so i can't help with porting 
>> modules to rc5 .  if you have spare time, you can  set up an rc5 
>> server and join in the patching fun.
> It would be nice if some of the users who were so vocal about 
> demanding this change a few months ago would help with the patching 
> fun, or at least help explain to people like Jonathan and Ji-Haw why 
> it needed to happen.
> - Perrin

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