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From Carl Brewer <>
Subject [OT] checking for legal chars in a filename passed in by upload params?
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 12:28:44 GMT

Sorry for the OT post, but I figure this is a good place
to ask, as I'm sure lots of you have solved this one before.(and
this is using too :( )

I'm writing a small app that takes an uploaded file from
a form, pops it into an obfuscated directory, and then mails
out a "here it is" page to an intended recipient of the
uploaded file.  It's a crudly automated document server
of sorts I guess.

I'm not too worried about the upload filenames,
but the defensive programmer in me somewhere
says if I'm going to write this, I should
prevent the uploadee from doing bad things.  The
uploadee *should* be a trusted user, but may not be...
I don't mind a DoS sort of thing, but I don't want
them being able to scribble outside the upload

So, can anyone suggest what I should do to
the passed filename parameter to make sure
it's not "../../../etc/passwd" or somesuch?
A simple regex to catch .'s isn't really enough,
as I know that can get curcumvented pretty easily
these days, and I don't want to maintain it
if the work's been done elsewhere already.

         my $uploaded_filename = param('uploaded_file');
         my $tmpdir      = File::Temp::tempdir( "foo_XXXXXX", DIR => 
$files_dir );
         $tmpdir =~ /\/(foo_\w+)$/;
         my $shortdir = $1;
         print STDERR "$tmpdir\n";
         copy($fh, $tmpdir."/".$uploaded_filename);

is the thing I want to make safe.  I'm already
doing this to it later :

         my $safe_uploaded_filename = uri_escape($uploaded_filename);

which is from URI::Escape, but I don't think that will
save me  :)  I know I need to check the return codes from copy etc.

Any belts with a cluestick? I'm not really sure what to google
for here.



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