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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Problem installing mod_perl (because of CGI?)
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 19:32:07 GMT

> I've just copied the result of the command from the screen, but the full
> path is:
> /home/teddy/t/conf/httpd.conf
> I've checked that line (861) and I have seen just a common SetEnv, so
> mod_env might be missing.

ok, but whether mod_env is present or not isn't the point - that file is
being pulled in and it shouldn't be.

is there an Include directive in the httpd.conf pointed to by

  $ /usr/local/site/bin/httpd -V | grep HTTPD_ROOT

if so, comment it (the Include directive) out and run

  $ t/TEST

again.  but that file being used at all is the troublesome part, not mod_env
or mod_cgi or - the mod_perl test suite configuration itself is
insulated against these kinds of requirements, so whether a non-httpd_core.c
module is present or not should have no effect.


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