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From "Graham Vickrage" <>
Subject Wrong page being displayed
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 17:39:13 GMT
I'm a newbie to Mod perl and have a odd problem.

I have installed apache2 2.0.53, perl 5.8.4 and MP2 2.0.0 and connect to
a postgresql database on a different machine (Apache:DBI & DBI &
DBD::Pg). All works well except that I seem to get old pages served on
new page requests. It would appear as if its some sort of caching issue
but I am not sure how to force a request. An example request would be

And the next page would be

It shows previously viewed pages and with no particular pattern. Does
anyone know where I start looking to solve this one. The access logs are
displaying the correct request but the webserver is delivering previous
pages but not consistently????

Any help greatly appreciated.

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