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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject feedback on an approach
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 16:26:09 GMT
could someone who has worked w/mod perl longer than I have give me some 
feedback on this approach to webapps i've been using lately:

• the modperl handler creates a 'user' of the web app based on the 
apache request
   the 'user' handles all the session management, login, etc
   my $user = new myApp::User( $r );
• the handler then creates a 'page' of the webapp  as such
   my $page = new myApp::Page( $user );
   then calls it to render
   my  $outputHTML = $page->render()

the myApp::Page is a perl mod that pulls the request info off of the 
user object, and correlates that to the user profile

everything is a perlmod that is pre-compiled.  subclasses of 
myApp::Page are the page content areas

It sounds crazy, and probably is.

playing around for a while, i realized that the dynamic stuff of the 
pages for what i'm doing are 90% served out of a DB , repeatedly 
called, and everything in terms of templating/standardizing really 
inherits its design from the parent sections (perhaps its too oop 
bringing it into visual layout too?).

i'd imagine that  i'd get a decent performance gain by just doing all 
of this as a perlmod that is preloaded at startup -- which is kind of 
like what I've done with python webapps under the twisted framework 

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