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From Pratik <>
Subject Re: $0 problem with mp1
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 06:35:32 GMT
> I've never used that under mp1, did it actually ever work?

Nop, it didn't work.

> I can see some experimental code which is enabled when compiled with
> -DPERL_TIE_SCRIPTNAME. but I won't have the time to look at it, until
> after modperl2 is released.
> Feel free to look through the code and post a patch if you know how to fix
> that. If not please ping about this issue again some time later, post 2.0
> release.

I will definately try for that.

> BTW, did you look in the archives if anybody has asked a similar question
> before?

Actually, it was discussed at


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