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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: compile problems
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2004 00:01:36 GMT
Barksdale, Ray wrote:

> I agree it should be much smaller. From your reply I seem to have given
> the impression I was running on something other than Linux. Sorry about
> that. We run Redhat's Fedora Core 2 Linux on x86 (32-bit) for prod/testing.
> This was our first try at 64-bit (Redhat Fedora Core 2 AMD64).
> I'll check how that compares to what you've shared. Maybe I'll trip over
> the problem since I built the 64-bit stuff using the same procedure.
> Ok. I couldn't wait. My numbers on 32-bit linux are almost identical (+/-
> 2%)
> to yours. When I get some more time I'll dig into the 64-bit stuff and see
> what I'm doing wrong.

OK, so it has something to do with 64-bit-ness. But I didn't understand. 
Was this problem seen on a 64-bit CPU or on a 32-bit CPU, but then code 
was compiled for 64-bit?

> On the bright side everything runs perfectly (in a bloated sort of way ;)
> Thanx a load.

I didn't do anything :)

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