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From Tim Pushor <>
Subject Persisting data across authenticate <-> authorize ?
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 20:26:43 GMT
Hi modperl list

First of all, I am so excited to have discovered mod_perl. I have been 
writing modules in C for a while now, and have been porting an old 
module that used to work under Apache 1.2 to work on Apache 1.3 and am 
having trouble for various reasons. I picked up mod_perl and in less 
time than porting an old (already had been in production) module to a 
new environment, I have almost completely re-written the module in perl. 
Oh why didn't I do this sooner ;-)

My real question is this: I am writing an authentication / authorization 
module. For various reasons, the authenticatoin portion determines 
various things about the user in order to provide succesfull 
authentication. This information can then be used later, in the 
authorization module. I would like to cache this information somehow so 
that the authorization handler doesn't need to perform these operations 
over. I am already using IPC::Shareable in the authentication handler 
and would prefer to not use that mechanism. Is there a way to have the 
data persist across the authenticate/authorize parts of the module?


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