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From Perrin Harkins <>
Subject Re: Hanging Apache && Oracle Sessions with Apache::DBI, Apache::SessionManager, Oracle 9i,
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 01:39:33 GMT
Tyler Rorabaugh wrote:
> I have noticed within the
> Apache::Session::Store::Oracle module that it uses a
> SELECT a_session FROM sessions WHERE id = ? FOR UPDATE
> If a user clicks the stop button in their browser during a process (IE 
> during a session update or setting the session) and then clicks another link
> this will sometimes cause apache to hang and the user must restart their 
> browser. This will also cause the previous update
> (UPDATE sessions SET a_session = ? WHERE id = ?) Oracle session to hang 
> within Oracle. Has anyone else on the list seen this problem?

It shouldn't cause a hang because Apache::DBI issues a rollback from a 
cleanup handler after every request.  You can verify that this is 
happening by turning on the DEBUG flag for Apache::DBI.  See the 
Apache::DBI docs.

> Last question
> Apache::DBI->setPingTimeOut($data_source, $timeout)

What is your question about it?

- Perrin

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