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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: Fix perl/ithreads random failures
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 13:38:42 GMT
Gisle Aas wrote:

>I had to do tests with an older version of mod_perl_1.99 that still
>had the perl/ithreads* tests.  I see that these tests was removed from
>the distribution in [1], but I think that if you apply the attached
>patch you can start distribution these tests again.
mp2 is now in svn, not cvs.  Check-out the latest svn revision as 
described at:

and you can try that rather than having to go back to an older version.  
The test file, of course, is in the dev source, but is currently marked 
as under construction:

Anyway, I tried your patch (with the ithreads test re-instated) and 
sadly it didn't fix it for me :(  The complete diff of changes that I 
made to my svn checkout (revision 111269) are at the end of this mail.

The following test sequence still fails every time for me:

perl t/TEST -verbose t/modules/reload.t t/perl/api.t t/perl/ithreads.t

on WinXP with Apache 2.0.50 and Perl 5.8.5.

- Steve

Index: t/response/TestPerl/
--- t/response/TestPerl/     (revision 111269)
+++ t/response/TestPerl/     (working copy)
@@ -57,7 +57,10 @@
                                    $counter_shar += $counter_shar for 
         $counter_priv += $counter_priv for 1..10;
-        $counter_shar += $counter_shar for 1..10;
+        {
+           lock $counter_shar;
+           $counter_shar += $counter_shar for 1..10;
+       }
         ok t_cmp($counter_shar, 2**20, "shared counter");
         ok t_cmp($counter_priv, 2**10, "private counter");
Index: t/perl/ithreads.t
--- t/perl/ithreads.t   (revision 111269)
+++ t/perl/ithreads.t   (working copy)
@@ -11,10 +11,9 @@

 # perl < 5.6.0 fails to compile code with 'shared' attributes, so we 
must skip
 # it here.
-#unless ($] >= 5.008001 && $Config{useithreads}) {
-#    plan tests => 1, need
-#        {"perl 5.8.1 or higher w/ithreads enabled is required" => 0};
-plan tests => 1, under_construction;
+unless ($] >= 5.008001 && $Config{useithreads}) {
+    plan tests => 1, need
+        {"perl 5.8.1 or higher w/ithreads enabled is required" => 0};

 print GET_BODY_ASSERT "/TestPerl__ithreads";

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