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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: make test fails on HPUX/IA64: Can't locate TestFilter/
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 17:41:13 GMT
Gisle Aas wrote:

>>>Can't t/TEST check the output of 'ulimit -n' and verify that it is
>>>high enough?
>>Good idea, Gisle. But will it work everywhere where perl runs?
> I'm quite sure it does not work on Windows.

I'm so surprised :)

>>>Alternatively try the BSD::Resource module?
>>So does it mean that 'ulimit -n' may not work?
> ulimit is usually a shell builtin and shells vary.  The POSIX
> ulimit [1] is very limited.
> [1]

Thanks Gisle. I guess we should try if it works, if not, just hope that 
users will have their limit high enough. In fact we already use ulimit 
under Apache-Test to prepare the filesystem to drop core files.

> This is actually C code and should work on systems that have
> {get,set}rlimit.

In which case BSD::Resource should be buildable too. We can't just add it 
to mod_perl-core. But for A-T each specific test suite that would be nice.

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