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From Tom Schindl <>
Subject Re: Perl + apache + cgi
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 14:18:01 GMT
Brent Clark wrote:
>> Oh. Think now I've got it. You are running into suexec-problems 
>> because your Root-Apache is running under anonther user than your 
>> V-Host-Apache.
>> Apache is now using suexec to execute your scripts and because your 
>> script directory is not part of the suexec-path it cannot execute your 
>> script.
>> Why do you need to run your scripts as gevens/gevens?
>> Tom
> Hi
> Well the owners of the scripts are gevens,  and I dont think if I remove 
> those entrys, it will make any difference.
> Brent

As far as I understand the docs if you have an apache compiled with 
suexec and you are using different users in different v-host apache is 
using suexec and this fails in your case because the paths of suexec can 
only be defined at compile-time.

It doesn't make no difference who is the owner of the script it's much 
more important which user executes them. Normally it's a less privileged 
user like apache.apache because it has no write access e.g. to your 

In most of the cases it's a bad idea to run scripts like you as a normal 
system user because it opens a security whole.

Nevertheless this is not a cgi-support forum so we should take off the 
discussion from this list which is dedicated to mod-perl.

You can E-Mail me offline but I suggest that you read the docs about 
apache-config especially this ones:

As a fast solution you could try to remove the entries User and Group 
from the conf-file and take care that the user/group your apache is 
running under has access to the directories you want to read/execute.


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