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From Kurt Hansen <>
Subject Re: [Mason] Problems w/ Apache2+Mason on Fedora Core 2
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 15:35:09 GMT

>>>Also, there is an Apache::Request version 2. It's not on CPAN, but
>>>you can get it and the documentation here:
>> Realy it is not on CPAN?
>  I too find it with that link, however it's an older version.  If you
>  go to: 
>  You get the version for mp2. I'm going to try and find out who takes
>  care of as the instructions for
>  installing from CPAN (perl -MCPAN -e "install libapreq") do not
>  work. 
I stand corrected.

However, as Frank points out, doing an "install Apache::Request" from 
the CPAN shell does not get you version 2. This behavior is proper, but 
a note that there is a version 2 would be nice. Also, going to and searching for "Apache::Request" gives you version 2 
on the third screen which is somewhat counterintuitive.

If you know a version 2 exists, you can find it. Though, I don't know 
now where I found it a couple of months back. I know I didn't find it on 
CPAN. I thought I found it on the libapreq page noted above, but now I 

Note that there is a link on the page to the Subversion repositories for 
libapreq2, which I just noticed. Based on comments Joe Shaeffer made on 
this list recently, the svn version is probably the best to use because 
it fixes an Apache::Cookie bug.

Finally, a sincere thank you to Joe Shaeffer and all who have 
contributed to libapreq2. We've had it in production use for the past 10 
days, and all is going smoothly!

Take care,

Kurt Hansen

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