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From Steve Smith <>
Subject Apache::AuthCookie and HTML::Mason
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 16:36:36 GMT
Hi there, 

I am using Apache/1.3.22 (Unix) with mod_perl/1.26 and have just installed the latest Apache::AuthCookie
(3.06) and am building a custom AuthCookieHandler building on an example from the Mason Book.

The Mason login form is being displayed correctly by Apache when accessing the required resource,
but I can't seem to actually authenticate properly.  The initial reason I get back from Apache::AuthCookie
via $r->prev->subprocess_env("AuthCookieReason") is the expected "no_cookie".  So, I
then try to log in passing the required credential_ params back to the custom AuthCookieHandler
and get back from Apache::AuthCookie "bad_cookie".

So from the preamble to the newbie question!  : 

How do I go about getting more information back to my login form from Apache using mod_perl
in my custom AuthCookieHandler as to what the "bad_cookie" message actually means without
trying to decipher much of the magic in Apache::AuthCookie?

The Apache::AuthCookie code says the following where "bad_cookie" is set : 

      # There was a session key set, but it's invalid for some reason. So,
      # remove it from the client now so when the credential data is posted
      # we act just like it's a new session starting.

and the pod says : 

      # The cookie the user presented is invalid.  Typically this means that the user
      # is not allowed access to the given page.

Any help appreciated. I hope the question makes sense.


- Steve

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