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From Ken Simpson <>
Subject Success Story
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 22:15:25 GMT
(I'm reposting this -- but in the format suggested on the
success stories page; apologies for the spam)

URL: http://www.mailchannels/opensource/
Title: Running email through mod_perl
Contact Person: Ken Simpson <>
Traffic: Low (in development)
Success Story: 

 We have been using mod_perl successfully for several months now as a
 flexible email proxy -- we just wrapped Net::Server::Mail and with a
 few additional hacks and it worked. Matt Sergeant did the same thing
 with qpsmtpd and I have heard that the performance results were
 initially very promising

 More details of our hack (patches etc.) are at and

 IMHO, using mod_perl as a general application server is a great
 idea. For us there really was no other viable alternative. We looked
 at POE, Sendmail's milter API, Net::Server and of course qpsmtpd but
 the reliability, portability, and scalability of Apache was what
 caused us to go through the effort of making our bits work on

 To configure a mail server, it's just a matter of adding a
 VirtualHost section to the Apache configuration et voila. And as
 packages such as mod_throttle move over to Apache 2, we will gain the
 wonderment of a solid resource management tool for mail traffic. Joy!


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Ken Simpson, CEO

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