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From Malcolm J Harwood <>
Subject Re: DBI persistence problem
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 22:36:44 GMT
On Wednesday 1 December 2004 08:00 pm, Richard N. Fogle wrote:

> Basically, we have one MySQL cluster setup for reads and the other
> cluster for writes - the reads cluster alternates between master and
> slave.  This works fine.  The problem we're having is each time the CGI
> is called it seems to make a persistent connection to the database
> despite the fact that we have a $dbh->disconnect(); at the end of the
> code.  

Are you running Apache::DBI?
If not, are you sure that the disconnect call is being reached on each 
Are you running under PerlRun, Registry or your own handler?

> This causes the application to work well for a period of time, 
> but it will quickly run the databases out of processes (despite raising
> max_connections to 1024+) and when we go into MySQL to look at the
> process list it shows a bunch of sleeping connections!

How many webserver processes do you have running? 

> Appreciate any assistance anyone could provide, is mod_perl caching
> these scripts 

That is one of the things mod_perl does.

> and making the database connections persistent? 

That depends on what handler you are using, amongst other things.

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