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From Kurt Newman <>
Subject CGI apps receiving incomplete POST parameters
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 23:04:35 GMT
I've recently converted from Apache 1.3.x to Apache 2.0/mod_perl 1.99 on
RedHat 9.

The issue I'm having are for those applications that attempt to POST
data (e.g. from a form) that are, for the most part, pretty large (e.g.
46kB).  Unfortunately, with this newer version, the applications aren't
receiving the full POST'd parameters.

To best describe what I'm talking about, here are two examples.  For
each one, you'll see some version information along with a form that
have 500 pre-checked boxes. (each has large value names to help increase
the POST size).  To test this, go to the very end of the form and click
'Submit Query'.

Working (Apache 1.3.x using mod_perl 1.26):

Broken (Apache 2.0.40 using mod_perl 1.99):

Each version will attempt to print out their entire parameter list using's Dump() subroutine.  The "working" version will print out a
complete paramter list, whereas the "broken" version arbitrarily lops
off the data.

To ensure that it wasn't some odd code behavior or even the web server,
I took the same mycheckbox.cgi code and reconfigured the webserver to
use mod_cgi (instead of mod_perl).  When I do this, all works as
intended (except for it not being under mod_perl of course).

Thank you,

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