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From <>
Subject Q about ProxyRemoteAddr
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 20:05:17 GMT
I am having difficulty setting cookies once we changed our production modperl system.
We changed from a single machine front-end/backend setup two a two machine setup
Both use apache 2.x for the front server on ports 80 and 443, and modperl 1.3.x server running
on ports 8001,8000.

The problem is only occurring on the 2 machine setup with server 1 running apache 2.x using
proxypass and modrewrite to proxy back to server 2.

The problem is: after the server is restarted, cookies are set just fine. But, after each
of the new child processes have been used, cookies are no longer set. The Perl application
continues to see the client's existing cookie, but new cookies are not set.

Here are some questions:
If I am using Apache 2.x, do I still need to compile in mod_proxy_add_forward  to the apache
server? I was somehow under the impression that this exists under apache2.x.

In the lines of the example script it shows 

 unless ($r->connection->remote_ip eq "") and $r->header_in('X-Forwarded-For');

I assume that this setup ( is for when both versions of apache are run on the same

If I have a 2 machine setup with server1_ip_addr and server2_ip_addr then I should have:

 unless ($r->connection->remote_ip eq "server1_ip_addr") and $r->header_in('X-Forwarded-For');

Is this correct? The docs don't make this clear.

Sorry for so many questions. I have searched the mailing list and cannot find the answers
to these questions.


Joe Junkin
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