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From David Dyer-Bennet <>
Subject Re: Flakey behavior
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 22:16:38 GMT
David Dyer-Bennet <> writes:

> I'm running into flakoid behavior in a script that uses Image::EXIF to
> read file information under mod_perl (via Apache::Registry).
> Sometimes, without throwing any error or setting the internal error
> variable, Image::EXIF reads nothing from the file.  I can't correlate
> it with anything; a random string of reloads will start producing
> different results at a random point. 

Not solved yet; but setting the same script up as a CGI instead
(i.e. copying into /cgi-bin/), it works fine; whatever the problem is
it's definitely caused by running under mod_perl.  

And now that I'm not changing the script so often, I see that it seems
to always (nearly always?) run correctly the first time after I change
it, and after that it mostly finds null EXIF data.  I see a very
*very* rare case where it comes up with the right data, so it's not
100.00% failure on reload, but it's close. 

Still looking for clues!
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