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From Dan Brian <>
Subject Re: New to ModPerl 2
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 00:04:10 GMT
> Note, though, that libapreq2 will require some changes in your code,  
> but probably less than not using libapreq. Be sure to read the  
> documentation, especially the notes about converting from v1, for  
> Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie at:

I'll add to your list (of potential confusion) that $r->args may not  
produce the expected results, and not just because of the change away  
from array context described at:


Although Apache::Request inherits methods from Apache::RequestRec,  
args() is one place where there is function overlap:  
Apache::Request->args() returns an Apache::Request::Table object, while  
Apache::RequestRec->args() returns the unparsed query string.

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