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From Arne Skjaerholt <>
Subject SV: mod_perl marketing
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 20:25:49 GMT
A possible application that can be used for benchmarking purposes is the source for ARS (Account
Registration System is the accepted full version IIRC) used on It is
production source used on a heavily loaded site, and according to the author and maintainer
of the site it is run on a single server P-III server (can't remember the exact spec re: speed
and RAM) which serves several large dynamic pages every second (again I can't recall exact
figures). Compared to figures about slashdot it kicks so much arse it's not even funny.
In the technical details dept. the code caches aggressively, stores data in a MySQL DB, and
IIRC the DB is hosted on a separate machine in the case og The code
is available at


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