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From Arshavir Grigorian>
Subject Re: Apache::Cookie
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 15:54:44 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:

>>Thanks for the feedback. I guess I am wondering who I would need to talk
>>to in order to get this fixed.
>Joe is the man :)
>>Just to understand, why does it need to use the err_headers_out instead
>>of headers_out? There does not seem to be any errors. Am I
>>misinterpreting the function name or is it a misnomer?
>yes, it's something of a misnomer.  over in Apache-land, returning anything
>other than OK, DECLINED, or DONE from a handler is considered an "error."
>and the err_headers_out table holds response (and entity :) headers that
>will be sent _even_ (not only) on errors.
>really, all three of the mod_perl books out there talk about this, so it is
>probably worth picking one of them up to read up on the API a bit.  that is,
>if you're interested in this kind of thing.
Thanks Geoff. Makes sense now.
I hope there is a consensus on replacing headers_out() with 
err_headers_out() in bake() before too long.


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