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From ___cliff rayman___ <>
Subject Re: Apache::Cookie
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 22:57:12 GMT
Arshavir Grigorian wrote:

> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>> libapreq2 is currently using $r->headers_out instead
>>> of $r->err_headers_out, which is why you're not seeing the
>>> cookie on your redirect response.  I think the consensus
>>> is that this is a bug in libapreq2-2.04, but I haven't seen
>>> any other apreq committers weigh in on the subject, so
>>> I'm not sure.
>> libapreq1 uses error_headers_out, so I think it's proper to follow 
>> that well
>> established tradition, fwiw.
> Thanks for the feedback. I guess I am wondering who I would need to 
> talk to in order to get this fixed.
> Just to understand, why does it need to use the err_headers_out 
> instead of headers_out? There does not seem to be any errors. Am I 
> misinterpreting the function name or is it a misnomer?

I have run into this in the past, and just rediscovered it again last 
week.  A redirect response is either generally 301 or 302.  Since it is 
not a 200 level response, this could be the reason. that  error headers 
out needs to be set, instead of just the regular headers


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