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From Hèctor Alòs i Font <>
Subject DBM authentication configuration
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 09:52:11 GMT
I'm trying to migrate from plain file authentication (AuthType Basic) to 
a DBM type (AuthDBMType).

In our system, the only DBM authentication we had was SDBM, but we 
discovered that we can't use it because in our application a user may 
belong a quite a lot groups at the same time and it seems that SDBM can 
only accept a 255 character list of files for a user.

So we installed Berkeley DB files (, version 4.1.25) and 
recompiled Apache (2.0.49). The apache compile configuration catches the 
Berkeley DB libraries and compilates finely. But, after the 
installation, programme htdbm still does not accept the DB file type 
(-TDB). Why? Do I have to create my own DB password/group managing 
programme (using the CPAN DB_File library)?

Thanks in advance.

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