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From "Clayton Cottingham" <>
Subject RE: mod_perl marketing
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 19:14:40 GMT

> >
> I'd bet that mod_perl's slower growth rate over the past 
> couple of years has a lot to do with Apache2 and no 
> production mod_perl2.

Good Point

> Thus, people wanting Apache2 would immediately screen out 
> mod_perl. I think that's an awfully big hill to climb to 
> convince new adopters, i.e. 
> either stick with Apache1 or try a non-production mod_perl2.
> Fortunately, with the imminent arrival of production 
> mod_perl2, the growth rates of mod_perl will probably go up. 
> (I'm guessing from hints in this thread that an announcement 
> is imminent, right? Heck, I'm already using it in production.)
> If possible, an rpm version of mod_perl2 ready at the same 
> time as the announcement of a press release would probably 
> help new adopters to try it out.
> Take care,
> Kurt

This is a crucial point for sure, making sure your marketing and software
are timed together

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