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From Dorian Taylor <>
Subject Re: mod_perl, SVN::Core-related segfault condition
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 20:40:16 GMT
oops, sorry, was in the wrong mutt window.

> >what exactly is required from mod_perl in the preflight config
> >stage? does it basically just `use' every preloaded module in the
> >conf to see if it can?
> I'm not sure what do you ask. I meant apr design problem, not modperl's 
> one. mod_perl does not init apr, httpd does.

ah, gotcha.
> BTW, I think you may have the same problem with mod_cgi. I'm not sure 
> whether apr_terminate is called on child process shutdown.

interesting, i'll look.

> OK, so post that XS module that reproduces the problem and I'll see if 
> something can be done.

attached. you'll need to supply LIBS and INC to the Makefile.PL.
> It depends on how it is implemented. The fix should be most likely in the 
> SVN module. It should detect that it's running under Apache or APR 
> environment and in which case not run the shutdown of apr environment. And 
> this solution will be transparent to mod_perl.

i guess anything that accesses apr directly is affected. SVN::Core
should probably really use APR::Pool anyway. i'll discuss it with the author.

# httpd.conf
PerlLoadModule APR::CrashMe

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