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From Dorian Taylor <>
Subject Re: mod_perl, SVN::Core-related segfault condition
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 19:51:14 GMT
> getting things to work. I first spent hours trying to get the mandrake 
> cooker binaries to work, but eventually I've built everything from source.

yeah i went that way installing it all on my mac. i typically find
i end up needing the source for reference if nothing else at one
point or another.

> >oh, and swig 1.3.22 or higher won't work, because the guy changed
> >the way it works. i used 1.3.20.
> really? oh my, luckily I had swig-1.3.21-5mdk

yeah, that was worth a couple hours of head-scratching.
> >i suspect though that anything trying to directly call apr_terminate()
> >from an END block would do the same. the debugger gets all fuzzy
> >when it gets into there though.
> Yeah, sounds like a design problem.

what exactly is required from mod_perl in the preflight config
stage? does it basically just `use' every preloaded module in the
conf to see if it can?

> Thanks I think I'm OK now and I prefer to work on my own machine :)

ok, no worries.

> Are you in rush to get this fixed? Or can I try to finish a few other 
> things first (though not urgent).

a bit of one. i'm basically doing a kind of a reimplementation of
mod_negotiation, mod_dir and mod_mime (plus a couple other things)
to work on svn repositories. those modules interface directly with
the filesystem, so i need to provide a different method for emulating
various features of the filesystem. i wanted to do them up in
mod_perl with SVN::Core.

> If you have an XS module that doesn't depend on SVN that would be handy too.

yeah, that's what i'm going to be working on. just basically BEGIN
{ apr_initialize() } END { apr_terminate() }, in xs. i bet it'll
do the same thing.


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