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From Dan Sully <>
Subject Re: Apache::Cookie->new/bake broken - mod_perl 2
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 18:44:13 GMT
* Joe Schaefer <> shaped the electrons to say...

>> My first request to the webpage successfully generates a cookie, and I see it
>> in my browser's jar. The next response though, the Apache::Cookie->fetch()
>> gets a truncated cookie (md5 sum), and can't tie to the previous session and
>> creates a new one. Now, you may think this is a problem with fetching,
>> and not baking. 
>> But if I make Apache::SessionManager use CGI::Cookie for the baking, and
>> continue to use Apache::Cookie for the fetch, everything works fine. A
>> debug print ->as_string() of the Apache::Cookie->new/bake shows valid data.
>What is the length of the session cookie you're baking?  Set-Cookie
>headers aren't supposed to exceed 4KB.

Quite under 4k - it's just a 32bit MD5 hash from Apache::Session::Generate::MD5

>If that's not the problem, do you notice any difference in the
>->as_string() outputs for Apache::Cookie versus CGI::Cookie?

No. Which confuses me all the more.

bacon happens.

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