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From "Harald Meier" <>
Subject multiple instances of one web application
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 10:06:29 GMT
dear group,

i am developing a web application using apache 2.0 and mod_perl 2.0.
the application is split into a couple of perl modules.

i would like to install the same application more than once on the same 
without changing the application code.

so calls instance 1 calls instance 2

i have no idea how to handle the module/library problem to make sure that 
instance loads its own modules and if a module has changed, the correct 
module is

i cannot use <VirtualServer> because the servername will always be the same.

my httpd.conf (works only for single instance):

    PerlSwitches -w -T -M/opt/myapp/instance1

    PerlModule      Apache::Reload
    PerlInitHandler Apache::Reload
    PerlSetVar      ReloadAll On

    <Location /myapp/instance1>
        SetHandler                     perl-script
        PerlResponseHandler     myapp
        PerlOptions                    +SetupEnv

thanks for your help!

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