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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: Apache::PerlRun - Constant subroutine redefined
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 20:53:21 GMT
David Radunz wrote:

>Philippe I know your buisy with mod_perl 2 stuff at the moment, but I
>hope you get a chance to look at this when your free - unless the author
>of the code is someone else and you just recommended it?
Oh, no, I am the author of this code, and I am indeed busy with mod_perl 
2 stuff, but
that's not a good reason for having waited so long to follow up on this 

I think that you have just uncovered a small bug in the unload_package() 
and I'd like to know exactly how you've reproduced this. After looking 
over code, it is
now clear to me that any namespace entry that has a name <= 2 characters 
long (e.g 'qs')
will not be deleted. That's a bug, and I expect to have it fixed both in 
mp2 and in Devel::Unload

I'll let you know when there is another version of Devel::Unload you can 
try out. In the meantime,
could you please give me more information about how you have tested 
this, since the size of the
string doesn't matter AFAIK.


>Anyway, Let me know.
>On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 12:25, David Radunz wrote:
>>Further to that - I just tested with an even bigger string and this one
>>did get cleared fine, so it musnt be the size :(
>>Not sure what the problem is,
>>On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 12:13, David Radunz wrote:
>>>  Thanks for your help. I tried using Devel::Unload to see how it works
>>>and encountered something unexpected. Basically I put the
>>>'unload_package_xs' call just above the 'flush_namespace' call. Then I
>>>printed from within the namespace clearing loop (expecting nothing to be
>>>printed), yet something did get printed..
>>>Which isnt that bad, because the rest of the namespace had been cleared,
>>>except this lonley scalar - I printed it to see if it contained anything
>>>and got the following:
>>>  Scalar = SELECT DECODE.... (i wont paste the whole scalar here, its
>>>basically a huge SQL statement, about 2000 characters).
>>>Perhaps the scalar was too big to be cleared?
>>>On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 09:08, Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>>>>Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>>>David Radunz wrote:
>>>>>>Hi All,
>>>>>>  I have looked high and low to work out how to avoid the 'Constant
>>>>>>subroutine redefined' warnings in the error log, followed by the
>>>>>>'Prototype missmatch:' error upon subsequent hits to the apache child
>>>>>>process - but, I have not been able to find an easy solution. The
>>>>>>warnings are caused by the 'flush_namespace' routine of Apache::PerlRun
>>>>>>which attempts to reset/nullify everything - including constants.
When a
>>>>>>constant is redefined it causes a warning in the error_log, and when
>>>>>>constant gets reset upon the next run of the script the prototype
>>>>>>match as its reset incorrectly.
>>>>>David, take a look at the ModPerl::PerlRun which now 
>>>>>which Philippe has just added recently. (you will need the current mp2

>>>>>cvs to see it at works). It solves all these problems in a much 
>>>>>cleaner way. It's still too new to new to be sure that it doesn't have

>>>>>side-effects, but once it's proved to be good by users, we can just 
>>>>>port it back to mp1.
>>>>It's also available as a yet to be released on CPAN module 
>>>>(Devel::Unload) here:
>>>>You might just try installing Devel::Unload and plugging it into 
>>>> and see if it works
>>>>(untested patch)
>>>>Index: lib/Apache/
>>>>RCS file: /home/cvs/modperl/lib/Apache/,v
>>>>retrieving revision 1.41
>>>>diff -u -I$Id -r1.41
>>>>--- lib/Apache/       8 Mar 2003 04:11:09 -0000       1.41
>>>>+++ lib/Apache/       8 Oct 2004 23:08:02 -0000
>>>>@@ -118,6 +118,8 @@
>>>>     $_r->clear_rgy_endav;
>>>>     $_r->log_error("Apache::PerlRun->compile") if $Debug &&
$Debug & 4;
>>>>     Apache->untaint($$eval);
>>>>+    use Devel::Unload;
>>>>+    Devel::Unload::unload_package_xs($pr->namespace);
>>>>     {
>>>>        no strict; #so eval'd code doesn't inherit our bits
>>>>        eval $$eval;
>>>>>If you want to look at the C code that does that, it's 
>>>>>modperl_package_unload in:
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>>Ph:  +613 9811 0087
>>Fx:  +613 9811 0044
>>Mo:  +614 0549 9719

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