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From Arnaud Blancher <>
Subject Re: request appears to be processed twice with PDF::Create
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 14:20:23 GMT
Dermot Paikkos a écrit :

>Does this mean you have to go an clean up these files later
yes, if you dont want they stay on the disk.

> or is 
>this done when the process ends?
maybe you can write a special handle for the directory where you ll 
write your pdf
that delete the pdf when the connection (due to the redirect) will be 
close by the client (but i'not sure).

> I don't want to slow the users down 
>unless I have to. 
>I think I would like to determine the user-agent and work around the 
>repeating requests....somehow. Do you know how to find out the user-
>agent when using Apache::Request?  I can't see it when I use this 

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