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From Arnaud Blancher <>
Subject Re: request appears to be processed twice with PDF::Create
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 13:08:01 GMT
Dermot Paikkos a écrit :

>Yes I am/was using I.E.6 I have installed Firefox 0.9 and it works 
>A bit frustrating as I know that most of the users will be using I.E 
>5/6. I suppose I am not going to have to check the incoming request's 
>browser type and tweak the functions to suit each.

I have this problem which Cocon an FOP !
It's seem to be a problem whith the pluging in Internet Exploreur
who call the program twice !
(first is not finish, when the second came, which a 304 status, so you 
can't see your pdf, isn't it ?)

On solution is to create your pdf in the hard disk and send a redirect 
to the client for the static pdf.
It's  work fine, but slowly !



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