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From David Arnold <>
Subject Re: File Save As instead of context/plain
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2004 20:54:09 GMT

Good advice. Thanks.

At 03:39 PM 7/24/04 -0500, Randy Kobes wrote:
>On Sat, 24 Jul 2004, David Arnold wrote:
>> Randy,
>> Changing the filename to junk.cgi worked.
>> I definitely think that filenames *.pl are associated with something or
>> other on my Windows 95 machine, because a little yellow ball occurs next to
>> the filename in the explorer. But when I view filetypes in My Computer, I
>> cannot find that little yellow ball.
>> Does anyone know how I can search out this file association on Windows 95?
>Try a google search for
>  "remove file associations Windows 95"
>One might note that the link to appears
>before that to
>However, if this is going to be for a site, you have to take
>into account the fact that you can't change the file
>associations for a user, so you might be better off with
>changing the extension.
>best regards,

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