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From David Arnold <>
Subject Check boxes on and off
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 18:31:18 GMT
Don, Bruce,

I adjusted the pdf and cgi. Now, when the form first comes up, a couple of
checkboxes are on. Then the cgi lights one up and turns one off.

username: winnie
password: thepooh

The new cgi:

#! /usr/local/bin/perl -w
# File:

use strict;
use Acrobat::FDF;

my $outFdf = new Acrobat::FDF;


$outFdf->SetValue('Date', "June 11, 2001", false);
$outFdf->SetValue('Name', "John Clay", false);
$outFdf->SetValue('Address', "12 Saratoga Ave", false);
$outFdf->SetValue('City', "Saratoga", false);
$outFdf->SetValue('State', "CA", false);

$| = 1; # autoflush, so that the HTTP header is emitted immediately

print "Content-type: application/vnd.fdf\n\n";

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