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From David Arnold <>
Subject One and Two (followup)
Date Sat, 10 Jul 2004 03:29:47 GMT

Just a followup. I followed Stas's directions, and did this:

  % su

  % cd /usr/local/src

  % tar -zvxf apache_1.3.31.tar.gz
  % tar -zvxf mod_perl-1.29.tar.gz

  % cd mod_perl-1.29

  % perl Makefile.PL APACHE_SRC=../apache_1.3.31/src \

  % make
  % make test
  % make install

  % cd ../apache_1.3.xx
  % make install

Then I configured httpd.conf to run on port 8080 and all is now well.

Thanks to all for the confidence you gave me to try this.

I'll let you know if any conflicts come up, but at this point, all tests
are going well.

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