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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [mp2] Authen handler with htgroup authorization
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 13:19:05 GMT

> The configuration scripts in those builds don't generate largefile-aware 
> mod_perl shared objects which seems to cause random cores in file access.
> I suspect this to be the same bug earlier seen by Hyoung-Kee Choi [1].
> My hack was to modify /opt/apache2/bin/apr-config to the largefile defines
> Is it an Apache bug that apr-config does not include my CFLAGS and

we've played around with this before, and I thought that stas and joe had it
licked, but maybe not.  you can take a cruise through this (long) thread and
see.  starting here

with a good explanation of the problem here

the net result of the thread is that the mod_perl build system was fixed so
that it magically made sure that perl and apache were in sync where required
for largefile support.  but perhaps the fix wasn't quite as thorough as
required for your platform, compiler, or whatnot.

I'd suggest distilling the issue and moving to dev@ where it's more likely
to get attention from those that did the work before and grok this stuff
(which isn't me :)


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