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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: mod_perl2 timely catching SIGPIPE
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 14:35:31 GMT
[Jim, please keep the thread on the list, so others will be able to re-use 
that discussion via archives later on when they hit the same problem. Thanks.]

>> Excellent, looking forward for your docs Jim.
> Is there any particular format people use to report such findings?  Any 
> examples online?  I don't really consider this issue to be a bug, rather 
> a need to understand how perl 5.8 handles signals.  But, I would guess 
> there is some mod_perl doc that would be appropriate to include my 
> signal explanation.

Right, this is not a bug.

Here is how to submit mod_perl doc patches in general:

But if that's too hard, just submit your original report and the solution 
(including other solutions I've mentioned) as a short article in pod (or plain 
text) and I'll handle the rest.

Most likely it should belong here:
but since this is a generic perl issue, not quite specific to mp2, it's 
probably better suited to:
with cross-references from:

> Once again... thanks so much for your help.  What a relief after 
> battling this problem for 3 days.

You're welcome, Jim :)

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