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From gunther <>
Subject Re: velocigen
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 14:39:02 GMT
The following talk link discusses how to do something similar to what 
you ask

I am not sure if Oreilly allows the presentations to be downloaded for 
old conferences somewhere on their website. If not, email me privately 
and I will dig up the slides for you.

In summary, you will probably do well by replacing start() and end() 
fnctions with BEGIN, END blocks instead and using Apache::PerlRun 
instead of Apache::Registry since Velocigen is more similar to PerlRun. 
Try Apache::Registry though because Apache::Registry is even better (but 
more finicky about how you write your code). Anyway, I am 95% sure that 
this would let you run your velocigen scripts mostly in mod_perl with 
minimal hassles.

AxKit is really a tool on top of mod_perl, so migrating velocigen 
scripts to AxKit is really another issue entirely.

Good Luck

flav wrote:

> Hello
> I'm trying to migrate some velocigen script to mod_perl
> did someone do it before ??
> I'm trying to use axkit
> If someone knows some tools...
> Thanks

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